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Knowing the pH level of your water is becoming more and more important as  time goes on. Just drinking water specific to what your body works better with can help with your health in ways you couldn't imagine.Understanding why these certain waters taste the way they do can take you a long way.

 What's All This I'm Hearing About Alkaline Water?

So if you're really just getting to this whole water thing, one of the words you might’ve heard is Alkaline. In the case of water (no pun intended), alkaline is the pH level that the water holds. pH levels scale from 0 to 13 and start at very acidic and go to very alkaline. Any foods or beverages below a pH of 7 would be considered acidic. On average your blood pH level is just below a pH of 8, and alkaline water usually ranges between a pH of 8 and 9.  

Natural Alkaline Water vs Purified Alkaline Water

A Lot of people are not aware that there are different types of waters in the industry. A quick story, Essentia was one of favorite waters when it very first came out. When you look at the bottle you relate the pH 9.5 on the bottle with Alkaline. Well, I introduced Essentia to a close friend who has been living with high blood pressure since they were young (No they are not overweight either). They had said that the taste was okay, but it had made them feel dizzy shortly after drinking it. Turning the bottle around to look at the ingredients, I realized that this particular water was purified and (in fact raising my friends blood pressure) made with magnesium sulfate (salt), Sodium bicarbonate (used to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion), Disodium phosphate (food additive), and calcium chloride (electrolytes for taste). That opened my eyes up to levels in the water industry and how it's presented to the consumer. Natural alkaline water comes from a source that picks up unique mineral content, which increases its alkaline level. The water brand Eternal would be considered a natural alkaline water. Most alkaline purified waters are created by reverse osmosis and an alkaline ionizer, cleaning the water and adding the proper minerals needed.

Making Alkaline Water at Home

You don't always have to buy alkaline water. A good way to make alkaline water at home is by infusing cucumbers, mints, lemons and/or limes. Infusing the water with these ingredients overnight will give it the right minerals to alkaline the water. Even though limes and lemons are acidic, once it blends with the water and makes it more alkaline while it goes through your body. Drinking water with a ½ a tablespoon of baking soda in it is often known to help with calming indigestion,  heartburn, and acid reflux, but is also alkaline to your body. 

Is Alkaline Water for Me?

Everyone's body is different. With hereditary conditions, cancers, and even the region you may stay in is a large decision on whether Alkaline waters may be for you. Purified Alkaline can have a pretty decent amount of salt in it where it can actually raise your blood pressure.Understanding what and how your body reacts to high alkaline food and water can potentially and a few more year onto the back of that timeline of yours. 

By Sean Carr


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